Cards Against Humanity, Wincest Edition [insp]

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Jensen Ackles and Clif

200th episode

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Jared and Jensen; microphone faceplant - VanCon 2014
(photos by me)


Jared and Jensen; microphone faceplant - VanCon 2014

(photos by me)


So I went to my first Supernatural con, in Vancouver. And had my first ever (and only) celeb photo op and I’d like it better if I wasn’t in it but please enjoy Jared Padalecki meeting his puppet doppelganger Jared Puppalecki (technically Sam Winchester, whatever). I’m still in shock.

The first is actually the face Jared made when he saw me walk up. He said something like “omg, that’s awesome :D”. He posed me for the pic, because I’m “how does this even work”. Then he goes, wait wait another one! And he poses me again; as in, he moved me like the human mannequin improv game. Only thing I was aware of by then was okay Jared’s head is pressed up against mine okay. I didn’t even know what he was doing with the puppet til I got the photo. I only paid for the one (sorry, Chris!) so I think one of these is actually Jared’s. He is basically the sweetest person ever and if you hurt him, I will wake you with a puppet Winchester standing over your bed in the middle of the night. 8|

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How can pain be that attractive?

holy HD gif

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all hell breaks loose (part one) x do you believe in miracles?

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sam’s face in the third gif gives me life 


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