Does anyone knows when is that was, where and the photo source?PLEEEEEAAASEEE


Does anyone knows when is that was, where and the photo source?

"We used to have three-way phone calls every week — you know, long distance and everything. Jason was in Virginia, I was in Tennessee, and Jen[sen] would be wherever, and we’d watch each other on TV. I was on Angel and Jen[sen] was on Smallville. So, we’d watch both, and when we had a scene, we’d say, ‘Turn the channel real quick, I’ve got a good one coming up.’ That’s what I remember the most from when I was first starting out. Just talking to those two guys, a lot of memories."

— Christian Kane on his 3-way phone calls with Jensen Ackles and Jason Manns [he talked about it 8 years ago at a convention during a exclusive fan dinner]

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Supernatural Australian Ad 2007

Wait [x] … what [x]?

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Jensen Ackles by Michael Muller.


Jensen Ackles by Michael Muller.


Sam Winchesters’ Journal - Entry #68

We reached the bunker after a car trip where almost no words were exchanged. I’m used to it by now. It’s not as if Dean had been particularly chatty in the last couple of months anyway. And Castiel…well poor Cas remained silent in the back seat and stared clumsily at us from time to time from the corner of his eye, certainly wishing he could have flown to the bunker instead of being trapped in the Impala with us for five hours.

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"But when longtime friends Molina and Lithgow are together on-screen, their characters’ evident exasperation and delight in each other are all the story we need. Much has been written about these two actors’ physical comfort with one another, as if to express surprise that two straight men would be able to so convincingly play two highly emo gay guys in love. But Lithgow and Molina play Ben and George with such depth, tenderness, and history that their affection for one another’s bodies (there’s no sex, but loads of snuggling) seems like a natural extension of their pleasure in being together.”

X "Love Is Strange" review by Dana Stevens of Slate

Welcome to “Sarah pictures J2 in these roles and knows they’d be perfect and it hurts SO MUCH”


Jared Padalecki in A Ring of Endless Light

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